“Outfit Introduction Part 1”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, our tour ended safely

I became dripping with sweat more than usual~
About three songs in from the start of the concert sweat started drip~ dripping, and the other members were also surprised

However, to that extent it was a hot live sort of thing, right

Of course I think that every time, but I love concerts

The people in the crowd’s smiles and cheering…
The beautiful penlights I could see from the stage…
I felt a lot of happiness
I’m grateful that I was able to meet with everyone, and that we were able to spend the time together…

Those of you who came also, if you were able to feel the same kind of happiness I’m glad…
The tour this time, it was over in the blink of an eye though
At the next tour, we will show everyone an upgraded version of ℃-ute

And then, “I haven’t gone to a ℃-ute concert yet” So that those people will definitely come,

I will work hard every day

Well then Over here
“I wasn’t able to go to the concert this time” For those people, I will show you the outfits that I wore during the tour

First, marine outfit
I carried a flag with this outfit and challenged a flag performance

Polkadot outfit
An extremely lovely outfit
The big ribbon is the focal point

…Because I can’t introduce them all in one update today, the continuation will be tomorrow

Well Today there’s a Hello! Project event
Let’s f-ry hard and go

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