“The Thing I Love Maimi”

Good evening
I’m sorry that my updates have become this late

I took a picture of the clock when it was at 9:10 (℃-ute time) this morning
In addition, this is the third consecutive day I’ve noticed this time

On another note, today I report to everyone on the roasted green tea that I love
Recently I’ve gotten into something called “brown sugar syrup roasted green tea latte”, and I drank it about 1, 2 times a week

However, because this drink is hot, I can’t drink it at this time of year…

At my house, using the name “brown sugar syrup roasted green tea latte” as a reference I tried to make it myself is how much I love it!

The taste was a little different but at first “Oh It’s delicious” I thought

…However, it ended in failure as I started to feel gross…

That didn’t stop me from loving roast tea though, and before this, I met this stuff again

Roast Green Tea Milk Tapioca
……Recently there really is a lot of different things~ was my surprise

That’s this picture
It was time for dance lessons, so we were wearing our jerseys

At any rate, green tea and tapioca is an amazing combination…
Of course I drank it……… though it had a curious taste (lol)

Thank you for always leaving so many comments
Everyone’s support becomes Yajima Power

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