Good evening☆彡
It’s Yajima Maimi

Today I saw a thing called a “test print”

A test print is a thing they use to check the actual finished condition before they print out a photobook

On June 5th
my photobook called “Yajima Maimi Photo Studio 2008-2010” comes out

Though this will become my fourth photobook, this photobook is a bit different than the previous three~

For about a year and a half starting the Summer of 2008, I was given a recurring segment in UTB

The collection of those segments up until now, is this photobook

…Although I say that, it consists of photos that have been unpublished in UTB up to now

Moreover, this time there was a really loooooooooong interview
It was about three hours long, and we talked about from the time of my birth, up until now

Furthermore What What
You can also see pictures of me from my childhood

In addition…
I designed a self-portrait, and I drew pictures and wrote comments on the photographs

There’s really all sorts of stuff
Everyone, absolutely absolutely please look forward to it~

Today’s special, because the people at Wanibooks gave me permission, I put up a picture of the test print

Japanese premiere

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