“Mother’s Day Maimi”

The concert in Osaka is finished~

I sweat a lot today too!

The next two concerts in Shizuoka are the last of this tour

It went by so quickly…
I will burn with everything I have until the very end

(I’ve put up a picture of me and Chissaa)

Well then, do you know what day it is today

It’s Mother’s Day today

I really owe a lot to my mom for every single day…
That’s why today I gave her some clothes as a present

The clothes I gave her today, a little while ago I finished work early that day, so I went between lots of different shops to find the clothes I ended up chosing

Using my mom’s regular clothes as a reference, “I wonder if this color is alright
“This is the style she usually wears~
while thinking about stuff like that, I decided

Because I really took my time shopping, it was evening when I returned home
My mom was in the middle of cooking……

“I don’t want her to find out what I bought today~ I want to surprise her on the actual day~” I thought as I entered the foyer,
without making a noise I put the present in the closet,
“I’m home~
and with a face like nothing happened I headed towards the living room

And then today
In the morning, I talked to my mom on the phone, and at that time
“Your Mother’s Day present, it’s in the closet!
I told her
“Oh my, thank you
she told me,
and I guess she looked the present after that

From my mom before the concert,
“I was very happy! Thank you You gave me something I can wear with importance

There’s four concerts left on the tour, work as hard as I know you can until the very end

Without forgetting gratitude to the people around you, work hard with endless effort

she wrote me in an e-mail

Furthermore, she sent the mail with a “work hard” decoration theme

“OK I will work hard today” and I gained a ton of fighting spirit

I will be a great daughter to my parents from here on out too~

My mom is strict but, she’s really kind and the best mom in the world as far as I’m concerned

……and……She can read this, so it’s embarassing

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