“The Tale of Rookie: Childhood Edition”

It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s dinner was something I love Boiled gyoza
It was delicious

As for today~, I wrote in my blog on April 22nd

“Rookie was a trouble-making dog” and here’s the story of that time…

As I started to love dogs more and more, I begged my parents over and over “I want to raise a dog” but, “Who is going to help you” they kept opposing

On a day like that, while passing in front of a pet shop “I just want to look so please” I said like a spoiled child, “Since you absolutely aren’t going to raise one, it’s ok” and while they were saying that I was able to get inside

At that time I was a fourth-year student

“This is my only chance“, and in front of all the dogs in the pet shop I began my unwavering attack( ̄▽ ̄)b

My strategy was a magnificent success

While my parents were also looking, they lost to the charm of the dogs, and the pushing of the store clerk

My long-time wish came true

The one who I was able to finally raise was Roo

Since we hadn’t taken care of a dog before, they showed us how to shampoo him

While returning home something happened

“…I wonder if Rookie has to use the bathroom

“Should we let him out of the car at that park there?

…And so the instant we let Rookie out of the car……

My foot slipped as I was getting out, and galloping… like a horse Rookie escaped

He ran from the park towards the main street
“This is bad” I thought but, because Jack Russel Terriers love to exercise, his running is fast fast

Even though we chased after him in the car, we lost sight of him

I really really felt like my heart was going to freeze

At a nearby gas station “Have you seen a puppy around here” we asked…

“Rookie Rookie ………Look Call his name also” my mom ordered me, and I started desperately calling “Rookie Rookie“…… We kept going around and around the same street…… In the meantime that area had become completely dark

Eventually we went to the police station and told them what happened
And during the night, my mom and dad put up fliers on the telephone poles
At my house it had become completely silent and a heavy wind blew through…
“I wonder if Rookie is alright
I was so extremely worried
“I might never get to see him again

While thinking that, the next day we were contacted by the police

“We found your puppy
…………Whoa, I’m soooo glad

They told us where Roo had traveled, that he had left the park and walked along the main street, turned the corner at the gas station, crossed the bridge, and walked towards the super market

And then he followed behind an older woman who was walking her Black Labrador His cuteness took ahold of that older woman’s heart with a tight grip

That older woman
“Ah, cute I wonder if I should take you home I thought however~, because he had a scarf around his neck, Hey there, your owners must be worried I thought, so I took him to the police!~(>▽<
is what she said…

My sincerest thanks, what a nice person~

I’m glad the store clerk put a scarf on him after his shampoo
I was close to never being able to meet him again

That mischevious and trouble making Roo is a completely clever dog now (lol)

Well then, today’s special about the childhood Roo is uploaded

By the way, the person in the shirt that looks too small is me

Putting that aside, he quickly grew into splendid Roo that I’m carrying today
(He’s supposed to be smart and yet he wouldn’t look at the camera)

Sorry for carrying on
…The End

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