“Let’s go Osaka”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I went to see the play called “Tiger Breathing”

I’m going to see it since I think there’s people here who are like that, I won’t talk about what happens

I laughed a lot, I got some warm feelings, and I ended up really studying a lot

After the end of the performance, I went backstage to meet all the cast

I met the producer Mr. Shioda who I hadn’t seen in a long time~
He seemed really well…

So we all took a picture together
(From the upper right, Nakky, Mr. Shioda, and then Berryz Koubou’s Saki and Chinami who also came, from the right on the bottom row, Miss Murakami Haruna who I’m indebted to for the “Ketai Novelist” stage play, myself, and Airi)

The side-stage was really dark so the picture ended up being hard to see
I’m sorry

And then I took a 2-shot with the star of the play, Miss Ishikawa

Well then~, today is our concert in Osaka

Everyone’s smiles burn into my memory

“I haven’t been to a ℃-ute concert yet” I hope those people will absolutely come~…

In order to deliver a concert that makes everyone think “I’m glad I came“, today also I will fry hard!~

Ah I saw something like that this morning

I remembered the movie “Always Sanchoume’s Setting Sun”~

The unfinished Tokyo Tower in that movie is like the Sky Tree!

Well then, well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today too……

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