“It’s Maimi”

There’s a lot of people starting work and school today, isn’t there!

Thank you for your hard work this day everyone (lol)

We were able to appear on Nihon Television’s “PON!” this morning…

Mai had school, so she wasn’t able to come
Everyone was given a palm reading

And then, this picture is from the green room today
(I was the only one to already have their costume on~)

By the way, the other picture is souveniers from Mt. Fuji from Chissa’s family

It looks cute like ramen delivery
Even if it looks that way, it’s melon bread

It was delicious

Which reminds me, I noticed something

At night, when it’s already late the bugs make their sounds~!

Before going to bed I opened my window juuuust a little so that the air could come in, I was able to hear the refreshing “Chirp chirp chirp” sounds…

It feels like Spring is already over and it’s Summer…

Tonight, please try to listen the insects, ok

Alright~ I wonder what’s for dinner today~

See you tomorrow

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