“Children’s Day~”

I’m Yajima Maimi

About today~
I hung out with my relatives who were returning from my grandmother’s house

My cousin, when we met before she wasn’t able to speak, and yet when we finally met again after a long time, she talks sooooooo much!

My mom
“Do you want to eat a strawberry~
she asked
“I dun wannaaaaa (I don’t want to)”
my cousin responded…(lol)
“Well what do you like then” she asked again
“Chocolate bread”
Me “Chocolate bread
Aunt “Did you mean to say plain bread
…………plain bread……she’s cute
While everyone was laughing, my cousin was also laughing like “Heheheheh

The way she laughed, that’s still cute

She lifts her shoulders with a squeak and her eyes have become slender and, her teeth are so small…


She has been healing me since this morning

I wonder if I’ll be surprised by how much she’s grown next time we meet

I can’t wait

Everyone, today is the last day of Golden Week!

Though it’s already past noon

The weather is also nice, please have fun with all your strength

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