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“Fruit Indulgence”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today was the continuation of yesterday’s “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~” release event in Nagoya

Because there was only 3 public performances, it was over in the blink of an eye

Time passed fast while having fun with everyone, didn’t it

And to those of you who couldn’t come, I hope you will come to the events and concerts from now on…

Now then, today was fruit indulgence

During one of the segments of the event, if you got a correct answer you’d be given a reward, and I got 3 rewards

I ate a ton of the sweets I love

And then now, right in front of my eyes are fruit sandwiches……()(1)

It’s today’s dinner

I got vitamins (lol)

This + chicken wings are heaven

I’m gonna dig in now

Everyone get a lot of vitamins too, and then please have a good night’s sleep, ok~


A picture of our battle shout before the real thing (2)

A picture immediately after that (3)

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MaimiLog Update

Unfortunately, due to the demands of adult life, I’m no longer able to dedicate the time I need to continue doing translations for MaimiLog. It’s something I only did for a short while, but I’m extremely disappointed that I have to stop since reading Maimi’s words and sharing them with other fans was something I really enjoyed. I hope that I can pick it up again sometime in the future, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who came here to follow along with Maimi’s blog.

In the meantime, I will continue to support Maimi will all of my power and I hope all of you will too!!!


“Outfit Introduction Part 1”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, our tour ended safely

I became dripping with sweat more than usual~
About three songs in from the start of the concert sweat started drip~ dripping, and the other members were also surprised

However, to that extent it was a hot live sort of thing, right

Of course I think that every time, but I love concerts

The people in the crowd’s smiles and cheering…
The beautiful penlights I could see from the stage…
I felt a lot of happiness
I’m grateful that I was able to meet with everyone, and that we were able to spend the time together…

Those of you who came also, if you were able to feel the same kind of happiness I’m glad…
The tour this time, it was over in the blink of an eye though
At the next tour, we will show everyone an upgraded version of ℃-ute

And then, “I haven’t gone to a ℃-ute concert yet” So that those people will definitely come,

I will work hard every day

Well then Over here
“I wasn’t able to go to the concert this time” For those people, I will show you the outfits that I wore during the tour

First, marine outfit
I carried a flag with this outfit and challenged a flag performance

Polkadot outfit
An extremely lovely outfit
The big ribbon is the focal point

…Because I can’t introduce them all in one update today, the continuation will be tomorrow

Well Today there’s a Hello! Project event
Let’s f-ry hard and go

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“Closing Performance”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

℃-ute’s tour which began in March, finally ends today with the closing performance in Shizuoka

That was faaaaaast
It really was in the blink of an eye

After this, the set list, the costumes, the stage set…… there’s two more concerts with the same organization, so on the final day of the tour today I will burn perfectly without regret

Today, “Work hard at the closing performance” my mom made me some norimaki

I looove norimaki, and when I was an elementary school student and it was time for my lunch box, I’d always say “I want to make norimaki
and she’d often make it for me

As expected, it’s delicious

Norimaki power has built up in my stomach
So I can meet a lot of smiles today
We will paint the concert hall ℃-ute-color

Shizuoka ~Wait for me, ok~ (lol)

The picture is a two-shot with Airi from our Osaka concert

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“Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today I’m updating early

This morning I had potato salad
It was really delicious

It seems like there’s a lot of things I love
Mom’s flavor is the best

The weather in Tokyo today is great!

I really want to listen to “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~”
on this day

That’s right, the music video has already become available since May 12th

The song this time is a Spring song with a sharp freshness that tightens your chest, so we filmed the dance shot outside on a tennis court, and the final result became fresh!

I want people to see and enjoy the music video also~ is how I feel

Today I’ve put up the pictures taken on the day we recorded

To start, the first picture
A two-shot with Nakky
These are the outfits from the music video this time

The second picture
A shot of the five of us
℃-ute’s full line-up…… No Actually there are six people in this picture
You notice it, don’t you
Pay attention to the background

A staff member also appeared
Moreover, I noticed it and my facial expression is me desperately trying to contain my laughter…

Last, the third picture
A four-shot
Mai was in the middle of recording so she wasn’t here
Nakky took the picture with her outstretched arm so that everyone would be in the picture
……but Nakky’s face got cut-off

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“The Thing I Love Maimi”

Good evening
I’m sorry that my updates have become this late

I took a picture of the clock when it was at 9:10 (℃-ute time) this morning
In addition, this is the third consecutive day I’ve noticed this time

On another note, today I report to everyone on the roasted green tea that I love
Recently I’ve gotten into something called “brown sugar syrup roasted green tea latte”, and I drank it about 1, 2 times a week

However, because this drink is hot, I can’t drink it at this time of year…

At my house, using the name “brown sugar syrup roasted green tea latte” as a reference I tried to make it myself is how much I love it!

The taste was a little different but at first “Oh It’s delicious” I thought

…However, it ended in failure as I started to feel gross…

That didn’t stop me from loving roast tea though, and before this, I met this stuff again

Roast Green Tea Milk Tapioca
……Recently there really is a lot of different things~ was my surprise

That’s this picture
It was time for dance lessons, so we were wearing our jerseys

At any rate, green tea and tapioca is an amazing combination…
Of course I drank it……… though it had a curious taste (lol)

Thank you for always leaving so many comments
Everyone’s support becomes Yajima Power

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Photocard: “The times when I feel happy are…”

The times when I feel happy are…
Hmmm… There’s too many different times!!
During concerts, while I’m eating, when I sleep, when I’m with my family
I’m alllllllllllways happy♥♥

Yajima Maimi


Good evening☆彡
It’s Yajima Maimi

Today I saw a thing called a “test print”

A test print is a thing they use to check the actual finished condition before they print out a photobook

On June 5th
my photobook called “Yajima Maimi Photo Studio 2008-2010” comes out

Though this will become my fourth photobook, this photobook is a bit different than the previous three~

For about a year and a half starting the Summer of 2008, I was given a recurring segment in UTB

The collection of those segments up until now, is this photobook

…Although I say that, it consists of photos that have been unpublished in UTB up to now

Moreover, this time there was a really loooooooooong interview
It was about three hours long, and we talked about from the time of my birth, up until now

Furthermore What What
You can also see pictures of me from my childhood

In addition…
I designed a self-portrait, and I drew pictures and wrote comments on the photographs

There’s really all sorts of stuff
Everyone, absolutely absolutely please look forward to it~

Today’s special, because the people at Wanibooks gave me permission, I put up a picture of the test print

Japanese premiere

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“Good Evening, It’s Maimi”

It’s Maimi

Today was practice for the stage play~

All of the actors and all of the staff, everyone involved in the play gathered together for the first time for a “Face-to-Face Gathering” day
Almost everyone was there, there was a staggering amount of people!

Moreover, we did all of the play’s actual movement at today’s rehearsal!

To be given the lead in a play that so many people are working on, I must do my best is how I feel

As expected, from all the many people here, there’s a lot and different things I can learn

With all the other performers, I want to make a great play that stays in the hearts of the people who come to see it…… And so I will frantically work hard so that I don’t stand in the way of that

My manager took these pictures of today’s rehearsal’s appearance
Even if I say the “rehearsal’s appearance”, it’s me studying the script

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Good evening~
It’s Maimi

I returned home to Tokyo from our concert in Osaka yesterday, and I met my mom who was already wearing the clothes I gave her for Mother’s day


Today we had filming for Piramekid

The filming was all outside, and the sun was shining down on us brightly I applied some sunscreen but…… I feel like I got a little sunburned

My outfit doesn’t expose my shoulders, and yet my shoulders are stinging…

The sun’s frightening power…

However, filming outside while the weather is nice feels so good

People walking their dogs, people eating a bento box on their lunch break, kindergarteners on an outing…… lots of different people passing by, somehow the mood becomes carefree

I’ve put up a picture from today’s carefree day

Everyone thank you for your hard work all day today
Relax in the bath tub and please sleep soundly, ok

Good night…

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“Mother’s Day Maimi”

The concert in Osaka is finished~

I sweat a lot today too!

The next two concerts in Shizuoka are the last of this tour

It went by so quickly…
I will burn with everything I have until the very end

(I’ve put up a picture of me and Chissaa)

Well then, do you know what day it is today

It’s Mother’s Day today

I really owe a lot to my mom for every single day…
That’s why today I gave her some clothes as a present

The clothes I gave her today, a little while ago I finished work early that day, so I went between lots of different shops to find the clothes I ended up chosing

Using my mom’s regular clothes as a reference, “I wonder if this color is alright
“This is the style she usually wears~
while thinking about stuff like that, I decided

Because I really took my time shopping, it was evening when I returned home
My mom was in the middle of cooking……

“I don’t want her to find out what I bought today~ I want to surprise her on the actual day~” I thought as I entered the foyer,
without making a noise I put the present in the closet,
“I’m home~
and with a face like nothing happened I headed towards the living room

And then today
In the morning, I talked to my mom on the phone, and at that time
“Your Mother’s Day present, it’s in the closet!
I told her
“Oh my, thank you
she told me,
and I guess she looked the present after that

From my mom before the concert,
“I was very happy! Thank you You gave me something I can wear with importance

There’s four concerts left on the tour, work as hard as I know you can until the very end

Without forgetting gratitude to the people around you, work hard with endless effort

she wrote me in an e-mail

Furthermore, she sent the mail with a “work hard” decoration theme

“OK I will work hard today” and I gained a ton of fighting spirit

I will be a great daughter to my parents from here on out too~

My mom is strict but, she’s really kind and the best mom in the world as far as I’m concerned

……and……She can read this, so it’s embarassing

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“Let’s go Osaka”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I went to see the play called “Tiger Breathing”

I’m going to see it since I think there’s people here who are like that, I won’t talk about what happens

I laughed a lot, I got some warm feelings, and I ended up really studying a lot

After the end of the performance, I went backstage to meet all the cast

I met the producer Mr. Shioda who I hadn’t seen in a long time~
He seemed really well…

So we all took a picture together
(From the upper right, Nakky, Mr. Shioda, and then Berryz Koubou’s Saki and Chinami who also came, from the right on the bottom row, Miss Murakami Haruna who I’m indebted to for the “Ketai Novelist” stage play, myself, and Airi)

The side-stage was really dark so the picture ended up being hard to see
I’m sorry

And then I took a 2-shot with the star of the play, Miss Ishikawa

Well then~, today is our concert in Osaka

Everyone’s smiles burn into my memory

“I haven’t been to a ℃-ute concert yet” I hope those people will absolutely come~…

In order to deliver a concert that makes everyone think “I’m glad I came“, today also I will fry hard!~

Ah I saw something like that this morning

I remembered the movie “Always Sanchoume’s Setting Sun”~

The unfinished Tokyo Tower in that movie is like the Sky Tree!

Well then, well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today too……

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“The Tale of Rookie: Childhood Edition”

It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s dinner was something I love Boiled gyoza
It was delicious

As for today~, I wrote in my blog on April 22nd

“Rookie was a trouble-making dog” and here’s the story of that time…

As I started to love dogs more and more, I begged my parents over and over “I want to raise a dog” but, “Who is going to help you” they kept opposing

On a day like that, while passing in front of a pet shop “I just want to look so please” I said like a spoiled child, “Since you absolutely aren’t going to raise one, it’s ok” and while they were saying that I was able to get inside

At that time I was a fourth-year student

“This is my only chance“, and in front of all the dogs in the pet shop I began my unwavering attack( ̄▽ ̄)b

My strategy was a magnificent success

While my parents were also looking, they lost to the charm of the dogs, and the pushing of the store clerk

My long-time wish came true

The one who I was able to finally raise was Roo

Since we hadn’t taken care of a dog before, they showed us how to shampoo him

While returning home something happened

“…I wonder if Rookie has to use the bathroom

“Should we let him out of the car at that park there?

…And so the instant we let Rookie out of the car……

My foot slipped as I was getting out, and galloping… like a horse Rookie escaped

He ran from the park towards the main street
“This is bad” I thought but, because Jack Russel Terriers love to exercise, his running is fast fast

Even though we chased after him in the car, we lost sight of him

I really really felt like my heart was going to freeze

At a nearby gas station “Have you seen a puppy around here” we asked…

“Rookie Rookie ………Look Call his name also” my mom ordered me, and I started desperately calling “Rookie Rookie“…… We kept going around and around the same street…… In the meantime that area had become completely dark

Eventually we went to the police station and told them what happened
And during the night, my mom and dad put up fliers on the telephone poles
At my house it had become completely silent and a heavy wind blew through…
“I wonder if Rookie is alright
I was so extremely worried
“I might never get to see him again

While thinking that, the next day we were contacted by the police

“We found your puppy
…………Whoa, I’m soooo glad

They told us where Roo had traveled, that he had left the park and walked along the main street, turned the corner at the gas station, crossed the bridge, and walked towards the super market

And then he followed behind an older woman who was walking her Black Labrador His cuteness took ahold of that older woman’s heart with a tight grip

That older woman
“Ah, cute I wonder if I should take you home I thought however~, because he had a scarf around his neck, Hey there, your owners must be worried I thought, so I took him to the police!~(>▽<
is what she said…

My sincerest thanks, what a nice person~

I’m glad the store clerk put a scarf on him after his shampoo
I was close to never being able to meet him again

That mischevious and trouble making Roo is a completely clever dog now (lol)

Well then, today’s special about the childhood Roo is uploaded

By the way, the person in the shirt that looks too small is me

Putting that aside, he quickly grew into splendid Roo that I’m carrying today
(He’s supposed to be smart and yet he wouldn’t look at the camera)

Sorry for carrying on
…The End

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“It’s Maimi”

There’s a lot of people starting work and school today, isn’t there!

Thank you for your hard work this day everyone (lol)

We were able to appear on Nihon Television’s “PON!” this morning…

Mai had school, so she wasn’t able to come
Everyone was given a palm reading

And then, this picture is from the green room today
(I was the only one to already have their costume on~)

By the way, the other picture is souveniers from Mt. Fuji from Chissa’s family

It looks cute like ramen delivery
Even if it looks that way, it’s melon bread

It was delicious

Which reminds me, I noticed something

At night, when it’s already late the bugs make their sounds~!

Before going to bed I opened my window juuuust a little so that the air could come in, I was able to hear the refreshing “Chirp chirp chirp” sounds…

It feels like Spring is already over and it’s Summer…

Tonight, please try to listen the insects, ok

Alright~ I wonder what’s for dinner today~

See you tomorrow

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“Children’s Day~”

I’m Yajima Maimi

About today~
I hung out with my relatives who were returning from my grandmother’s house

My cousin, when we met before she wasn’t able to speak, and yet when we finally met again after a long time, she talks sooooooo much!

My mom
“Do you want to eat a strawberry~
she asked
“I dun wannaaaaa (I don’t want to)”
my cousin responded…(lol)
“Well what do you like then” she asked again
“Chocolate bread”
Me “Chocolate bread
Aunt “Did you mean to say plain bread
…………plain bread……she’s cute
While everyone was laughing, my cousin was also laughing like “Heheheheh

The way she laughed, that’s still cute

She lifts her shoulders with a squeak and her eyes have become slender and, her teeth are so small…


She has been healing me since this morning

I wonder if I’ll be surprised by how much she’s grown next time we meet

I can’t wait

Everyone, today is the last day of Golden Week!

Though it’s already past noon

The weather is also nice, please have fun with all your strength

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