“Good evening Maimi”

Thanks for the comments

The weather in Tokyo today was sooooo nice
It was great and I also felt great
When the weather is nice it makes me feel happy

While the laundry was out drying today, Aroma went out onto the veranda and… left alone
zZz zZz~……
she fell asleep

Because she looked so peaceful sleeping, “It’d be a real shame to wake her” is how I felt After the laundry was finished drying, I just stared at Aroma

And now, while the second installment of “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” will air today,
I’m actually also recording today

Right now I’m on break…

After this I’ll go have more fun and persevere
Shortened, it’s severe

…R, right
It’s the long awaited response combination

The dog who appeared in yesterday’s blog was

It was Cologne

Cologne and Aroma are mother-daughter so I think there’s a lot of people who can’t tell them apart, however I’ll tell you how to now

Cologne’s hair has a deep color that looks like “tonkatsu” covered in sauce

Aroma’s color is like tonkatsu without sauce

After that, Cologne’s body is bigger

Please remember it for me
At any rate, break is almost over
Bye bye

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