“I’m Maimi”


Yesterday, one of the staff was carrying a book…

“A Personal Manual for O-type People”

Though I read it awhile ago, “Can I see it” and I borrowed it and read it again
I was flipping through the pages, and while reading it… I was surprised at how accurate it was

Though I haven’t finished reading all of it yet, the book almost reads like my self-introduction (lol)

And then, while reading the book and saying “I know~” “Ah-, that’s true, that’s true~” the person I aspire for happened to passed by me

Wellll~ Who is it

It’s……… Ms. Matsuura Aya

Ms. Matsuura’s songs, they give me a feeling like I’m going to get goosebumps
When I watch Ms. Matsuura’s live DVDs, the singing, the MC segments, her facial expressions… I start to study them

Just as expected, she’s amazing~ I think every time I see her

Though I don’t often get a chance to meet her, she’s always got an energetic image

She also took a picture with me
She’s also beautiful in person

Today’s the day of ℃-ute’s 12th single “Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~” release!

Everyone, even though it’s raining
even though it’s cold
even though the bottom of your pants will get wet
“Let’s Gooooooo” to the CD store please

It’s the kind of fresh and cute song that will blow away things like the rain

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  1. >The reason the text for "beautiful" looks different is because Maimi actually wrote that in English in the original post, and I wanted to do something to indicate that.

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