“It’s Maimi”


Please listen to this
Yesterday, la~te at night I got a text message from Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami
I wonder what’s wrong At this hour What happened
is what was going through my mind, then I opened the mail and “Maimiiii Wasn’t that suitcase earlier cute
it said………………Eh………(Y, yeah… It was cute but……… that’s it)

I don’t understand at all! Chii… (lol)

Actually, a little earlier the two of us went out together, at that time Chii fell in love with the suitcase at first glance…
“I’ll talk it over with my mama-“, so she didn’t buy it then
After talking it over with her mom, it seems like she disagreed and, “Hey, should I buy it Should I not buy it” she asked me (lol)
“Buy it if you think you’ll regret not buying it, it’ll be fine as long as you use it, right” I said

“Grandpa and
Grandma and
Big sis and
And then Root (Chii’s pet dog)
Everyone was against it but,
I’ll buy it” (lol)
I mean, how on Earth does a dog disagree

Chii is really hilarious
I never get tired of being with her
That simple and energentic feeling, I really love her innocence!

That day we hung out, she took me along to a cute pancake restaraunt
They really were cute!

I’ve put the pictures up here (Anyway, the one I ordered is the one with all the different fruits on it)

…isn’t it cute

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