At last~
It’s time for the real thing
“Music Japan” public recording

Anyway, it is set to air
on May 2nd

Please look forward to it~

Just a while ago everyone went to the cafeteria

The thing I ordered was “soba”
At one point my nickname became “Soba”
since I love soba (lol)

In the dressing room, the five of us were continuously talking…

So… recently, just like always, everyone tricked me…

Chisato “Nakky’s dad, you know, manages an aquarium!~

Maimi “Eh This is my first time hearing that That’s awesome

Nakky “It is

Maimi “Eh Where Where

Chisato “Enoshi…ma…”

Nakky “Niigata And also, he’s put a picture of me up at the aquarium

Maimi “That’s so awesome Eh Even though I do a radio show in Niigata, I never heard about that Is it a picture of you when you were really young
Mai “Hehehehehe…

Chisato “As expected, it’s a lie

Airi “I knew from the beginning!-

Chisato “Chisato, Enoshima when I said that the lie was exposed… I thought (>ω<)

Maimi “Eh It’s a lie () You guys are the worst~

Those four “Kyahahahaha (>▽< )”

…………they made fun of their leader (lol)

Well, it’s still fun to have a conversation with those members…

Allllll right With everyone’s power combined we will shine brighter than anyone

Well then, preparation, and we’re off to the real thing

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