“Yajima News Reporting”

Today’s cold too, isn’t it

The day before yesterday when I stepped into the bath to warm myself up, my right thigh became extremely itchy…
How come~ (・O・)
is what I thought

Then yesterday morning I witnessed the criminal

During breakfast…Bzzz…the criminal gracefully passed-by right in front of my eyes…
Ah I thought and tried to sneak up on him but, that criminal, escaped on foot… (escaped on wing) quickly and disappeared out of sight…
…I’ll get him…

The fugitive is still at-large in the Yajima household…

At any rate, it’s definitely the season where mosquitos are coming out…
Ahh… Just thinking about mosquitos in my house, I’ve become itchy

By the way, I’ve currently been bitten in 5 places
It must be really hungry…
Or, it’s because it has a grudge against me…

Everyone, to prevent getting bitten, please close the door when you enter the house

By the way, a while ago I finished recording for the FM-PORT regular program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me Maimi~”

Well then, all day today too I won’t lose to the rain I won’t lose to the itchiness… let’s go out enthusiastically━━━

Piramekiino’s “Piramekid” begins today
I’m excited
Please make sure to watch it

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