“Now, Today is the pet dog report Part 3”

Good morning
I’m Yajima Maimi

Yesterday was Rookie’s appearance, he really is smart! (>u< )
I’m jealous~

While taking the picture yesterday, I told him “Lay down” and snapped the photo

In addition, “Sit”, “Shake”, “Shake with the other paw”, “Stay”…

Also, when we’re talking a walk and I say “Heel” he quickly follows along at a close pace I wonder how he got so smart

Rookie also had moments as a puppy where he was a trouble-maker!
But I’ll save those stories for a later date…

And now today’s introduction is, Aroma
Cologne’s daughter

Because she’s small and is always in weird places, she goes missing

For example, yesterday she got on top of one of the chairs under the table, and put her head in a plastic bag
What is it you want to do, I wonder…
Sigh… It’s a mystery

And then her favorite thing is to have her stomach rubbed
While she’s rolling around playing, she’ll stop moving her arms and say “More more~” with her arms straightened out
(…C, Cute… Ahh, of course I’ll do it…)
The picture is of her while she’s rolling around…
Also a pic of the 2 of us

And that’s the introduction of the 3 pet dogs in my house I think they’ll appear in this blog too from time to time so… everyone please cherish them~

P.S. Thank you all for always commenting so much

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