“Yajima♥ Please read until the very end~”

Good Morning~

“Cologne” was licking my face and Huh (○ロ○)
“What time is it,” I thought, and it was already 6:30AM

Here’s a shot with that Cologne

By the way, did everyone have nice dreams
I had a dream which I couldn’t understand (lol)

Since Cologne woke me up, I will update early as promised
Despite my late update yesterday, thank you for the tons of comments

Those comments and your letters Things like that give me power

Now, I also have something to reflect on today
Because I typed up yesterday’s blog in a hurry, I made some typos…
Some noticed it, didn’t you!
“I wrote a picture” instead of “I drew a picture” was the first mistake And then, “I uploded” instead of “I uploaded”was the other one (lol)

It’s never good to do something in a hurry, huh I’m sorry

Oh But if you’re the kind of person who arrives late, it’s best to hurry~!

Well then Everyone, go out today with a smile

is what I wrote for this morning’s update……that was my plan, at least……

…fufufu (lol) Please look at the second picture

It’s my manager’s cell phone
It’s really hanging in there~ I thought, but it looks like it has finally broken down Though, the cell phone must’ve been happy to have been able to be used for so long, don’t you think~

So it was like that Thank you for waiting (I’m really sorry)
At last Blog update~

By the way, the person who removed the “#” button was me
A little bit earlier, “Whoa~ Amazing,” and when I touched it it fell off

Afterwards, there’s something fun that happened today The details are in Nakky’s blog…

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