“This is "Sorry for being late" Yajima Maimi”

Good evening~

This is Momokawa Momoko……………No Yajima Maimi

Today I went to the recording of TV Tokyo’s Piramekiino’s “Piramekid”~
By the way, “Piramekid” is a new segment that starts in April, with the first one airing on April 23rd
Don’t miss it

I have to apologize to everyone today
During a break in the recording…
“Alright Blog blog~
“………What the
“…It’s not here …My cell phone’s not here
“Excuse me… Manager. Can I borrow your cell phone…”
“Hello… Mom My cell phone…”
Mom “You forgot it
is how it went, so I had no cell phone all day today
The recording lasted until night-time, and afterwards I had to do some sketches as part of my job… I was really into it and lost track of time, so I ended up updating the blog late

For my apology, I’ve uploaded some pictures from today (lol)
So forgive me~

These pictures were taken with my manager’s cell phone and sent to me

I’ll update in good time tomorrow Promise

Well, good night Sweet dreams

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