“This is Yajima Maimi”


Finally it’s ℃-ute’s blog’s STA~RT〓〓
Since it’s my first time to have a blog with daily updates I’m cheerful〓excited〓nervous〓WHOA━━━〓〓strange feelings〓〓

From here on I will update the blog so that you can learn a lot about “℃-ute” and “Yajima Maimi”〓〓

I’ll start now〓
Since I think there’s a lot you don’t know about “Yajima Maimi”…〓

From my self-introduction〓〓
〓Yajima Maimi
〓Blood type O
℃-ute’s leader〓
My favorite phrase is “go all-out”〓〓”Giving it your all even when you’re half-asleep.” In this phrase your effort is endless〓And with great effort your dreams will become reality〓That’s what it means!〓☆

Today I was at Japan TV for a recording of “Oguma’s Bear Room”〓

Japan TV’s 30th floor〓〓
The view from here is amazing!~〓It’s high, so high〓
I went to the rehearsal for July’s stage play〓〓
I worked hard〓

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