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“Good evening Maimi”

Thanks for the comments

The weather in Tokyo today was sooooo nice
It was great and I also felt great
When the weather is nice it makes me feel happy

While the laundry was out drying today, Aroma went out onto the veranda and… left alone
zZz zZz~……
she fell asleep

Because she looked so peaceful sleeping, “It’d be a real shame to wake her” is how I felt After the laundry was finished drying, I just stared at Aroma

And now, while the second installment of “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” will air today,
I’m actually also recording today

Right now I’m on break…

After this I’ll go have more fun and persevere
Shortened, it’s severe

…R, right
It’s the long awaited response combination

The dog who appeared in yesterday’s blog was

It was Cologne

Cologne and Aroma are mother-daughter so I think there’s a lot of people who can’t tell them apart, however I’ll tell you how to now

Cologne’s hair has a deep color that looks like “tonkatsu” covered in sauce

Aroma’s color is like tonkatsu without sauce

After that, Cologne’s body is bigger

Please remember it for me
At any rate, break is almost over
Bye bye

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The weather is reallllllly nice today, isn’t it
It feels nice but… it feels like the pollen has gotten out of control…

This is sudden but,
isn’t there a lot of people who say “I love dogs’ paws

But me, I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love the sight of a dog’s mouth from below
It’s a feeling like those pancakes… it’s too cute

I think it’s difficult to understand so, I’ll upload a picture I took a little while ago
… you get it now
A dog’s mouth……

It’s so cute Right
Okay then, which one of the dogs is this

From here on out today is our concert at Nakano SUNPLAZA

Because they’ll be filming for the DVD I’m nervous but, I’m trying my best to relax

It’ll be beginning real soon
To those of you who came on the first day of Golden Week, I want to include my thanks
Here I come with excitement

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“I’m Maimi”


Yesterday, one of the staff was carrying a book…

“A Personal Manual for O-type People”

Though I read it awhile ago, “Can I see it” and I borrowed it and read it again
I was flipping through the pages, and while reading it… I was surprised at how accurate it was

Though I haven’t finished reading all of it yet, the book almost reads like my self-introduction (lol)

And then, while reading the book and saying “I know~” “Ah-, that’s true, that’s true~” the person I aspire for happened to passed by me

Wellll~ Who is it

It’s……… Ms. Matsuura Aya

Ms. Matsuura’s songs, they give me a feeling like I’m going to get goosebumps
When I watch Ms. Matsuura’s live DVDs, the singing, the MC segments, her facial expressions… I start to study them

Just as expected, she’s amazing~ I think every time I see her

Though I don’t often get a chance to meet her, she’s always got an energetic image

She also took a picture with me
She’s also beautiful in person

Today’s the day of ℃-ute’s 12th single “Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~” release!

Everyone, even though it’s raining
even though it’s cold
even though the bottom of your pants will get wet
“Let’s Gooooooo” to the CD store please

It’s the kind of fresh and cute song that will blow away things like the rain

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“It’s Maimi”


Please listen to this
Yesterday, la~te at night I got a text message from Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami
I wonder what’s wrong At this hour What happened
is what was going through my mind, then I opened the mail and “Maimiiii Wasn’t that suitcase earlier cute
it said………………Eh………(Y, yeah… It was cute but……… that’s it)

I don’t understand at all! Chii… (lol)

Actually, a little earlier the two of us went out together, at that time Chii fell in love with the suitcase at first glance…
“I’ll talk it over with my mama-“, so she didn’t buy it then
After talking it over with her mom, it seems like she disagreed and, “Hey, should I buy it Should I not buy it” she asked me (lol)
“Buy it if you think you’ll regret not buying it, it’ll be fine as long as you use it, right” I said

“Grandpa and
Grandma and
Big sis and
And then Root (Chii’s pet dog)
Everyone was against it but,
I’ll buy it” (lol)
I mean, how on Earth does a dog disagree

Chii is really hilarious
I never get tired of being with her
That simple and energentic feeling, I really love her innocence!

That day we hung out, she took me along to a cute pancake restaraunt
They really were cute!

I’ve put the pictures up here (Anyway, the one I ordered is the one with all the different fruits on it)

…isn’t it cute

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At last~
It’s time for the real thing
“Music Japan” public recording

Anyway, it is set to air
on May 2nd

Please look forward to it~

Just a while ago everyone went to the cafeteria

The thing I ordered was “soba”
At one point my nickname became “Soba”
since I love soba (lol)

In the dressing room, the five of us were continuously talking…

So… recently, just like always, everyone tricked me…

Chisato “Nakky’s dad, you know, manages an aquarium!~

Maimi “Eh This is my first time hearing that That’s awesome

Nakky “It is

Maimi “Eh Where Where

Chisato “Enoshi…ma…”

Nakky “Niigata And also, he’s put a picture of me up at the aquarium

Maimi “That’s so awesome Eh Even though I do a radio show in Niigata, I never heard about that Is it a picture of you when you were really young
Mai “Hehehehehe…

Chisato “As expected, it’s a lie

Airi “I knew from the beginning!-

Chisato “Chisato, Enoshima when I said that the lie was exposed… I thought (>ω<)

Maimi “Eh It’s a lie () You guys are the worst~

Those four “Kyahahahaha (>▽< )”

…………they made fun of their leader (lol)

Well, it’s still fun to have a conversation with those members…

Allllll right With everyone’s power combined we will shine brighter than anyone

Well then, preparation, and we’re off to the real thing

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“It’s Maimi”

Good Morning

I’m sorry that I couldn’t update yesterday

Although it was in Airi’s entry yesterday
Yesterday, Berryz Koubou’s
Sugaya Risako,
Tsugunaga Momoko,
℃-ute’s Airi
And Mano Erina were together for the “Hello! Project BEST SHOT!!” photobook event~

There was a lot of people lined up since morning…
Thank you very much
It was the first time us five had an event together, so there was somewhat of a fresh feeling

We took a picture together backstage, and I’ve uploaded it

And then, during the evening I went and saw Mr. Kan’s live performance

Mr. Kan’s 23rd anniversary arrived this year, and furthermore yesterday was the last performance of the tour

I was lucky to be able to go see his live that day

Time really passed quickly at Mr. Kan’s live
The entire time, between the various performances and the funny talk segements, the whole auditorium was shown a good time I laughed a lot

Mr. Kan’s and my age,
they’re about 30 years apart It didn’t feel like that at all, and it was an extremely powerful performance

And also, that gentle singing voice really leaves an impression on my heart…I’m drawn into the world of the lyrics

Then when the secret guest, Mr. Children’s Sakurai Kazutoshi appeared on stage, it was really climactic

℃-ute is also doing a concert tour right now… More and more, I want to become better at singing and the talk segements is the strong feeling I had

…r, right
That Mr. Kan was really busy, but before the concert started he took a picture with me(>u< )

The picture is precious to me!~

OK Today is NHK’s “MUSIC JAPAN”‘s public recording

In order for a lot of people to be able to listen to new single being released the day after tomorrow “Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~”
I’m going at full speed with ℃-ute power

Well then, everyone let’s fry hard all day today~ (Try hard while having fun)

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Today is our concert at C.C. Lemon Hall
Right now we are steadily preparing for the real thing
During the preparation I took this photo with the other members~

Because today is the first time all five of us have been together in a while, I’m really happy!~
…Settle down…

Nakky, since she was in the middle of having her make-up applied she was hiding her messy bangs

And then for lunch today, catering served “Hayashi Rice”
I really love it━━

Perhaps, I might also see my best friend today?

They’ve come to see all the concerts so far… I’m really happy

OK, it’s time for me to change into the outift for the opening number
From here on out, I’m going to have too much fun with all you fans

Off I go

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“Yajima News Reporting”

Today’s cold too, isn’t it

The day before yesterday when I stepped into the bath to warm myself up, my right thigh became extremely itchy…
How come~ (・O・)
is what I thought

Then yesterday morning I witnessed the criminal

During breakfast…Bzzz…the criminal gracefully passed-by right in front of my eyes…
Ah I thought and tried to sneak up on him but, that criminal, escaped on foot… (escaped on wing) quickly and disappeared out of sight…
…I’ll get him…

The fugitive is still at-large in the Yajima household…

At any rate, it’s definitely the season where mosquitos are coming out…
Ahh… Just thinking about mosquitos in my house, I’ve become itchy

By the way, I’ve currently been bitten in 5 places
It must be really hungry…
Or, it’s because it has a grudge against me…

Everyone, to prevent getting bitten, please close the door when you enter the house

By the way, a while ago I finished recording for the FM-PORT regular program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me Maimi~”

Well then, all day today too I won’t lose to the rain I won’t lose to the itchiness… let’s go out enthusiastically━━━

Piramekiino’s “Piramekid” begins today
I’m excited
Please make sure to watch it

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“Now, Today is the pet dog report Part 3”

Good morning
I’m Yajima Maimi

Yesterday was Rookie’s appearance, he really is smart! (>u< )
I’m jealous~

While taking the picture yesterday, I told him “Lay down” and snapped the photo

In addition, “Sit”, “Shake”, “Shake with the other paw”, “Stay”…

Also, when we’re talking a walk and I say “Heel” he quickly follows along at a close pace I wonder how he got so smart

Rookie also had moments as a puppy where he was a trouble-maker!
But I’ll save those stories for a later date…

And now today’s introduction is, Aroma
Cologne’s daughter

Because she’s small and is always in weird places, she goes missing

For example, yesterday she got on top of one of the chairs under the table, and put her head in a plastic bag
What is it you want to do, I wonder…
Sigh… It’s a mystery

And then her favorite thing is to have her stomach rubbed
While she’s rolling around playing, she’ll stop moving her arms and say “More more~” with her arms straightened out
(…C, Cute… Ahh, of course I’ll do it…)
The picture is of her while she’s rolling around…
Also a pic of the 2 of us

And that’s the introduction of the 3 pet dogs in my house I think they’ll appear in this blog too from time to time so… everyone please cherish them~

P.S. Thank you all for always commenting so much

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The weather is nice today, isn’t it
So happy

The subject of yesterday’s blog, “I took off the # button on my manager’s cell phone“, I will explain in more detail. Shortly before, when we were at the Chinese restaraunt, the manager suddenly took out his broken-down cell phone “Whoa That cell phone has really become worn-out” was the totally interested reaction of… me
The barely-attached # button was just dangling there, and I tried to skillfully pull it off…………it fell off…( ̄▽ ̄;)
And that # button fell down right into my manager’s “Ankake Yakisoba”…

I’m the one who removed the # button but Th…Th..That’s nothing, I’m not the one who originally broke it! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*) Please don’t misunderstand,

OK Let’s change the mood (lol)
Yesterday I introduced you to my pet dog Cologne, and today it’s Rookie
He’s a Jack Russell Terrier
Strong, isn’t he

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“Yajima♥ Please read until the very end~”

Good Morning~

“Cologne” was licking my face and Huh (○ロ○)
“What time is it,” I thought, and it was already 6:30AM

Here’s a shot with that Cologne

By the way, did everyone have nice dreams
I had a dream which I couldn’t understand (lol)

Since Cologne woke me up, I will update early as promised
Despite my late update yesterday, thank you for the tons of comments

Those comments and your letters Things like that give me power

Now, I also have something to reflect on today
Because I typed up yesterday’s blog in a hurry, I made some typos…
Some noticed it, didn’t you!
“I wrote a picture” instead of “I drew a picture” was the first mistake And then, “I uploded” instead of “I uploaded”was the other one (lol)

It’s never good to do something in a hurry, huh I’m sorry

Oh But if you’re the kind of person who arrives late, it’s best to hurry~!

Well then Everyone, go out today with a smile

is what I wrote for this morning’s update……that was my plan, at least……

…fufufu (lol) Please look at the second picture

It’s my manager’s cell phone
It’s really hanging in there~ I thought, but it looks like it has finally broken down Though, the cell phone must’ve been happy to have been able to be used for so long, don’t you think~

So it was like that Thank you for waiting (I’m really sorry)
At last Blog update~

By the way, the person who removed the “#” button was me
A little bit earlier, “Whoa~ Amazing,” and when I touched it it fell off

Afterwards, there’s something fun that happened today The details are in Nakky’s blog…

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“This is "Sorry for being late" Yajima Maimi”

Good evening~

This is Momokawa Momoko……………No Yajima Maimi

Today I went to the recording of TV Tokyo’s Piramekiino’s “Piramekid”~
By the way, “Piramekid” is a new segment that starts in April, with the first one airing on April 23rd
Don’t miss it

I have to apologize to everyone today
During a break in the recording…
“Alright Blog blog~
“………What the
“…It’s not here …My cell phone’s not here
“Excuse me… Manager. Can I borrow your cell phone…”
“Hello… Mom My cell phone…”
Mom “You forgot it
is how it went, so I had no cell phone all day today
The recording lasted until night-time, and afterwards I had to do some sketches as part of my job… I was really into it and lost track of time, so I ended up updating the blog late

For my apology, I’ve uploaded some pictures from today (lol)
So forgive me~

These pictures were taken with my manager’s cell phone and sent to me

I’ll update in good time tomorrow Promise

Well, good night Sweet dreams

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“It~s Yajima Maimi”

Gooood Morniiiing Is everyone already awake

It’s today’s first update, huh

Anyways, isn’t the weather great today
My mood is also great━━━

Yesterday I woke up and looked outside, and saw snow nearby
“In this season” was my surprised reaction
But my pet dog “Rookie” was in high spirits since early morning and was jumping and hopping around

Because yesterday was the stage rehearsal, “Tomorrow, I’m gonna be sore,” I thought…… But somehow I’m fine

Oh Yesterday while studying for the stage play my manager took this picture, which I’ve uploaded
You can’t see my face but I’m in a serious mode

Yosh Alright, everyone, let’s go enthusiastically today too━━━━

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“This is Yajima Maimi”


Finally it’s ℃-ute’s blog’s STA~RT〓〓
Since it’s my first time to have a blog with daily updates I’m cheerful〓excited〓nervous〓WHOA━━━〓〓strange feelings〓〓

From here on I will update the blog so that you can learn a lot about “℃-ute” and “Yajima Maimi”〓〓

I’ll start now〓
Since I think there’s a lot you don’t know about “Yajima Maimi”…〓

From my self-introduction〓〓
〓Yajima Maimi
〓Blood type O
℃-ute’s leader〓
My favorite phrase is “go all-out”〓〓”Giving it your all even when you’re half-asleep.” In this phrase your effort is endless〓And with great effort your dreams will become reality〓That’s what it means!〓☆

Today I was at Japan TV for a recording of “Oguma’s Bear Room”〓

Japan TV’s 30th floor〓〓
The view from here is amazing!~〓It’s high, so high〓
I went to the rehearsal for July’s stage play〓〓
I worked hard〓